“Watching Wildlife in the Wekiva River Basin” by Deborah Green. Softcover Guidebook. Sabal Press. Longwood, Fla.

“River of Lakes: A Journey on Florida’s St. Johns River” by Bill Belleville. Chronological narrative of the entire river system via creative non-fiction. University of Georgia Press. Hardback. 2000 with subsequent soft cover reprints. (Chapter segments on the Wekiva River.)

“Along the Wekiva River” by Jim Robinson & Bill Belleville. Archival photo history of the Wekiva River system as part of the “Images of America” series. 2009. Arcadia Press.

“Salvaging the Real Florida: Lost and Found in the State of Dreams” by Bill Belleville. 42 narrative style essays, including many about the greater Wekiva River basin via creative non-fiction. University Press of Florida. Hardback. Publication Date: Jan-Feb. 2011.

Other self-published guide books can be cited for trails, paddling and for other activities within the Wekiva River Basin. This includes an earlier guidebook published by the “Wekiva River Writers” on behalf of the Friends of the Wekiva River.

Download PDF: “Along the Wekiva River by Jim Robinson” by Jim Robinson

The Wekiva Promise

The Promise of the Wekiva, is a magazine created in partnership with the Rotary Club of South Seminole County, which is designed to inform its readers of the Wekiva River Promise program’s mission to encourage awareness of the ecological value of the Wekiva River Basin and encourage personal stewardship through individual actions. The magazine asks that individuals make a promise to protect the river.