Social Media Recap

Catch Up With Us: Social Media Recap

Over the course of the past few weeks, the Wekiva Wild and Scenic River System social feeds have been a hub of activity, buzzing with educational content, captivating wildlife sightings, and volunteer opportunities. For those who might not be frequent visitors to Instagram or Facebook, where these updates have been shared, we’ve got you covered.

In this new and ongoing blog feature, we’ll be sharing the most significant educational and visual posts that you might have missed on social media, ensuring that you stay informed and connected with the beauty and importance of the Wild and Scenic Wekiva River System. From fascinating glimpses of the Wekiva’s wonders to insightful tidbits about the river’s ecology, explore our recent social media highlights, and of course, don’t forget to check back with us often to see what what we’re sharing!

Amidst our discussions of environmental projects, success stories, and challenges, the river never fails to offer breathtaking scenic beauty that serves as a reminder of why we’ve all come together to protect it. Our recent reels have captured footage showcasing just that— paddlers gliding over the water’s surface on a sunny day, sun-kissed greenery lining the banks, and glimpses into the aquifer at the headwaters of Rock Springs Run. While we learn about the challenges and do the work, let’s not forget to immerse ourselves in the sheer splendor that this wild and scenic river has to offer.

(Warning: these videos have sound!)

Our aim with this recap has been to bring a piece of the Wekiva River System to you, irrespective of your social media preferences. However, if you’re intrigued and eager to dive deeper into our ongoing exploration, take a look at our live feeds below.

Until next time!