“Wekiva- A National Treasure”

The Wekiva River and its tributaries were designated as a National Wild and Scenic River System in October 2000. The Wekiva River, Wekiwa Springs Run, Rock Springs Run, and Black Water Creek are included in this National Designation. The Wekiva River System is a Partnership Wild and Scenic River, managed by a consortium of local stakeholders called the Wekiva Wild and Scenic Management Committee.

“Wekiva Legacy or Loss?”

Statewide PBS 60-minute documentary about the natural history of the Wekiva River and the current political & growth challenges the river faces in the future. Coproduced by Bill Belleville & Bob Giguere. Scripted by Bill Belleville. (2000) Funded by a Florida Wildlife Commission grant. Regional Emmy Award winner. Available as DVD from the Friends of the Wekiva River, Inc. on the store of their website and at public events and exhibits.“UCF on the Issues: St. Johns River” Lectures & PowerPoint presentation at Leu Gardens symposium. Introduction by Linda Chapin, “500 years of Magic, Myth and Mayhem” visual presentation and lecture by Bill Belleville, which includes the larger St. Johns system, including the tributary of the Wekiva. 53 minutes. (2008.)

“Promise to the Wekiva River”

Seven-minute high definition video about the importance and challenges of the Wekiva River system; designed to be used with “Wekiva: Legacy or Loss?” to help homeowners in the Wekiva basin and springshed make “pledges” to use little or no pesticides and nitrogen, and to upgrade septic systems in order to mitigate nitrate impacts on the groundwater. This is a partnership between the Rotary Club of South Seminole, Wekiva River state Aquatic Preserve, and Friends of the Wekiva River. This short documentary will be available as a DVD package with the longer documentary, and will also be screened at public events. It can be used as a “streaming video” on a website designed for the Promise program. Produced by Equinox Documentaries, Inc. Status: Produced and mastered for partner clients.

“Turtles of the Wekiva River”

A work in progress. Over 12 hours of topside and underwater high-definition video has been shot with interviews with principal investigators about the importance of a ten-year turtle tagging program on the Wekiva River. The results help researchers and managers better understand the health of the river via the health of the turtle population. Funded internally by Equinox Documentaries, Inc.

“Live Performance of the original award-winning song ‘Wekiva”

Performed on the banks of that river by musician Angela Sterling Forest and Marble Feather. 5:03 minutes. The song was used throughout the PBS doc “Wekiva: Legacy or Loss?” 2001.

“Naturally Central Florida: Wekiva River”

Multi-channel distribution segment that profiles the past & present accomplishments of Friends of the Wekiva River, Inc., a grassroots organization on the Wekiva River. Produced by Bob Giguere. 25 minutes.(2008) UCF’s Metro Center for Regional Studies.

“Naturally Central Florida: St. Johns & Remote Springs of the Wekiva”

Multi-channel distribution segment on St. Johns River”. The segment focuses on the cultural & artistic connection to the river system and was shot in the Wekiva River Basin at Shark’s Tooth Springs, and on the Econ River. 25 minutes. Produced by Bob Giguere. On camera comments by Bill Belleville at Sharks Tooth Springs. (2008)


“Equinox: Who are We?”

An introduction to the nature and conservation work of the non-profit Equinox Documentaries as explained by founders Bill Belleville and Bob Giguere. 8:13 minutes.

Wekiva River Management Plan

The Wekiva Wild and Scenic River System Management Plan serves as the basis for protecting a designated river’s values to ensure the river will be protected in perpetuity for future generations to enjoy. The Management Plan was developed by the Wekiva River System Advisory Management Committee (AMC) in collaboration with the National Park Service (NPS) to fulfill this enabling legislation requirement. Originally created in 2012, the plan was given a comprehensive update in 2023.

Help Us Protect The Wekiva River

River Ambassadors fill critical roles on behalf of the Wekiva Wild and Scenic River System Management Advisory Committee, providing essential visitor services and supporting an “on the water” stewardship program. These vounteer positions include:

  • Education & Outreach
  • River Patrol
  • Promotion of Stewardship
  • Resource Management