Volunteer Opportunities

Wekiva Wild & Scenic River Volunteer Opportunities

River Recon – Do you frequent sections of the Wekiva Wild & Scenic River? You can help by monitoring any changes in those areas you observe on a regular basis. Take pictures from the same location every time you visit! Be sure to record your location (latitude and longitude if possible), time, and date. You can submit these pictures with this information to or simply post them to Facebook or Instagram and tag @WekivaWildandScenic

Education and Events – Represent the Wekiva River System at events and festivals! Share your knowledge of the river with attendees or learn more about the river yourself. You can run a microscope, demonstrate hydrology with the enviroscape, run the question wheel or help with tent set up and takedown.

Bird Surveys – Help survey the Wekiva River Basin bird populations. Join in on the annual Christmas Bird Count in December of each year.

Drain Labeling Program – Are you located in an Orange County neighborhood in the Wekiva Basin? Contact us to label the storm drains in your area! These drain labels help to remind our community that storm drains have #nofilter and drain directly into our rivers! We will provide you all of the supplies you need to glue the labels onto the storm drains.

General Opportunities – Volunteers are needed for a variety of activities and functions such as computer work, graphics, curriculum, and assembly of packages for distribution. The most common volunteer needs are website management, social media engagement, office cleaning, maintenance/ repairs of equipment (boats, buildings, etc.), filing, and organizing.

If you do not see what interests you in this section, please contact us for additional projects and information.

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Speakers – Does your group or organization need a speaker for an activity on the Wekiva Wild and Scenic River System? Please contact us to see how we can assist.


Discover the Wekiva Wild & Scenic River

The Wekiva River system is a nationally treasured landscape and outstanding scenic resource that offers many opportunities to experience a unique part of natural Florida. Please help us to enjoy and protect this resource with our local “Paddle Wekiva” guide to canoeing and kayaking opportunities all along our beautiful river system.

Wekiva River Management Plan

The Wekiva Wild and Scenic River System Management Plan serves as the basis for protecting a designated river’s values to ensure the river will be protected in perpetuity for future generations to enjoy. The Management Plan was developed by the Wekiva River System Advisory Management Committee (AMC) in collaboration with the National Park Service (NPS) to fulfill this enabling legislation requirement. Originally created in 2012, the plan was given a comprehensive update in 2023.

Help Us Protect The Wekiva River

River Ambassadors fill critical roles on behalf of the Wekiva Wild and Scenic River System Management Advisory Committee, providing essential visitor services and supporting an “on the water” stewardship program. These vounteer positions include:

  • Education & Outreach
  • River Patrol
  • Promotion of Stewardship
  • Resource Management