Spring Cleaning at the Wekiva River Aquatic Preserve Office

Spring (and summer!) are in full swing here at the WRAP office. We are looking ahead to a year of getting back to events and research activities and to do that we had a work day at our office. A group of amazing volunteers installed a new A/C unit, cleaned a boat, cleaned the truck, cleaned off the building roofs, cleaned gutters, cleaned canoes, replaced the tie downs for the canoes, repaired a trailer plug, cleaned the office lobby, packed supplies for the next research event, trimmed trees around the buildings, weed wacked, and power washed!

All of our equipment takes maintenance and we could not do it without our volunteers!

Have extra time and want to help out? We can always use volunteers to work on any of these projects! Click here to email the River Ambassador to set up a time to work at the office.

Two people stand next to a canoe they are cleaning

Volunteers took all the canoes off of the trailer, cleaned them, and replaced all the tie downs.

Power washing the Alumacraft!

A volunteers legs are visible hanging out the side of a F150 as they clean.

Dedicated volunteer cleaning the inside of the F150.








Cleaning gutters!

Installing a new A/C!

Cleaning the roof!