Wilson’s Landing Park

Wilson’s Landing Park is located in northwest Seminole County, adjacent to the Wekiva River. The park is in a wide and shallow reach of the river known as the “flats”, classified as a recreational section under the “Wild and Scenic River” designation. Wilson’s Landing Park is particularly important because it is part of the Wekiva River Recharge Area1, the Wekiva River Riparian Habitat Protection Zone2, and the Wekiva River Protection Area3. Features of the park include a large pavilion, a canoe launch, and a boardwalk along the river.

An area of the park adjacent to the shoreline and boardwalk has had long term problems with stormwater runoff from the concrete sidewalk that connects the parking area and the boardwalk. As a result, the runoff from the sidewalk caused erosion and scouring of the boardwalk/shoreline area. A bioretention area was installed in 2019 to address the erosion and sedimentation at the park. The bioretention area consists of two (2) small stabilized sediment basins that collect the runoff and allow it to infiltrate into the ground. Both basins are planted with native vegetation that help uptake nutrients while also controlling erosion. A rock-stabilized flow path safely conveys runoff into the 2 basins and ultimately to a stabilized outfall4. The project was a partnership between Seminole County and the Wekiva Wild and Scenic River System Advisory Committee, and serves as a community interpretive project educating the public while providing a benefit to the River.

In addition to spending time in the park, paddlers can also enjoy a short excursion out and back from the Wilson’s Landing canoe launch. For the especially energetic paddlers, a 9-mile journey out to the St. Johns River with return service is available. If you live in or visit Seminole County, Wilson’s Landing Park is a “must see” destination!

1Recharge area: the surface area through which water, such as rainfall, replenishes the groundwater stored in the aquifer.
2Riparian Habitat: areas bordering rivers and other bodies of surface water that provide important habitat for wildlife.
3Wekiva River Protection Area: MAP
4Outfall: the outlet or place of discharge of a river.